Why Action Alliance?

cropped-logo400.pngWe have observed with keen interest the political development in Nigeria and the role of political parties in our nation’s development.

The following are however our findings:

  • What we practice today as democracy is one characterized by violence, thuggery and capped by injustice.

Action Alliance is therefore formed to bring about clean democracy, which is interwoven with our culture, where there is no injustice.

  • Institutions, Money, a select few and thuggery, determine elections to a public offices. Thereby defeating the entire essence of democracy.

Action Alliance would ensure that the principles of democracy i.e. Government of the people by the people is maintained by ensuring that people must decide who govern them.

  • Democracy in Nigeria is based on the basis of the doctrine of unlimited power, where people are far away from the Government.

The government is their lord and they are the slaves.

Action Alliance would produce a more humane and friendly government where the views of the common man would be respected.

  • The political parties in Nigeria are not formed on the basis of ideology, vision, and Agenda.




Nigeria since independence (1960) with different leadership styles has not been able to give us a nation of our dream.

We are aware that our leaders have never planned to fail and God is not against us, but lack of vision and ignorance has been the problem.

By simple deduction, the old song has not helped us and cannot transform the nation.

AA therefore is poised to sing a new song different from the old one.

 Join us today!