History of the Party

Action Alliance (AA) is a registered political party by independent national electoral commission (INEC) The party was formerly called National Mass Movement of Nigeria (NMMN) The change of name was necessitated by reasons of giving the party a more focused and dynamic leadership but still carrying the people along.

Mission Statement

To serve the lives of the Numerous poor Nigerians, While protecting the Interest of the all.


To build a Nigeria of our Collective hopes And aspiration through youth And women empowerment

Our Dream

To see A Nigeria where poverty would be a Thing of history, a Nigeria where unity And justice would reign.

Our Belief

At Action Alliance we ensure we don't derail from our vision and mission, we believe :

  • That Nigeria could be better if only the common man is made partner in the “Project-Nigeria”.
  • That Nigeria as a nation has not fail us, but leadership has failed.
  • That the stomach is not stupid and cannot be crying for nothing, therefore hunger is man’s enemy.

Our Understanding Of Power

Power is a trust, which can only be justified if used for the benefits of the common man.